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Unlock a world of exciting possibilities with, the ground-breaking dating application specifically tailored for us National Chung Hsing University students. No longer rely on chance meetings at our bustling Huuang De coffee shop or the hopeful encounter within the quiet corners of our majestic Ming Hsing Hall library. It's time to embrace a smart, modern dating solution that understands our unique campus life, effortlessly connecting you with your potential sweetheart.

Our intriguing AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, cuts through the endless swiping game, saving precious time. Instead of traditional profile setups, engage in a fascinating conversation with Eva that mirrors the intellectual discussions often seen in our revered Sheng-mu Hall. During this interactive discourse, the AI builds your profile, focusing on your interests, aspirations, likes, and dislikes to help you match with like-minded NCHU peers.

Let be your digital Cupid, intelligently weaving your path to love amid the vibrant murals of the College of Liberal Arts or the radiant greens of our beloved Experimental Forest. Join us today and leap into a dating experience that's beyond the ordinary, a fresh nexus of technology and relationships, only at National Chung Hsing University.