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Welcome to, the dating app exclusively designed for us, the brilliant minds of the National Research Nuclear University MePhI. Are you tired of those aimless swipes and longing glances across the library hoping to bump into your soulmate amidst the stacks of nuclear physics books? We've got you covered.

We're thrilled to introduce Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot, who uses advanced algorithms to find your perfect match. Forget about tedious swipes and awkward DMs. Inspired by the genius that surrounds us in our renowned institution, we've harnessed technology to facilitate intellectual and emotional chemistry. Just have a chat with Eva and she'll craft a unique profile for you and, based on your conversation, curate potential matches.

Why waste invaluable study time searching? Let Eva handle love's algorithms while you tackle the ones in our computational physics lab. Perhaps your next date won’t be an accidental meeting in the library, but a cozy conversation over a cup of joe at our beloved local coffee shop. Join us at and let the smartest love story of your life unfold.