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Welcome to, National Sun Yat-Sen University's ingenious solution for innovative dating. Gone are the days where your chance at love was a furtive glance in the AISASBC library or an awkward conversation at the beloved LeCafe Coffee Shop. With, you can forego swiping, saving all of that dexterity for your studies.

Our unique matchmaking software, Eva, impartially and conveniently aids in carving out your perfect love story. Unlike your all-night exam preps, all that's required of you is a relaxed, enlightening conversation with Eva. In a chat that flows as easily as your favourite bubble tea from Ochado, she'll ingeniously craft your profile, capturing your persona far better than a hastily-penned bio or an anxious library approach.

Take charge of your university experience and let Eva carve your romantic path. Embrace the new age of dating with - because the only place where you should be swiping is in your textbooks. Welcome to effortless dating, National Sun Yat-Sen University style!