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Welcome to, the ultimate dating solution exclusively designed for the vibrant hearts of National Taiwan Ocean University. Gone are the days of swiping aimlessly, or hoping to chance upon your match in the busy aisles of our library. Sit back and allow Eva, our intelligent AI matchmaking chatbot, to take the reins of your love life. After a dynamic and nuanced conversation, Eva will meticulously craft your profile to best represent you, making the art of meeting someone as breezy as an afternoon at Zhongzheng Park.

Years spent diving into the rich maritime culture and challenging oceanography courses at NTOU have engrained in us the spirit of exploring uncharted territories; translate this ethos into exploring the thrilling landscape of dating with Eva at your side. Through personalized matchmaking and sculpted profiles, we endeavor to foster meaningful connections in this bustling marine hub. From the careful observers in the Marine Culture Museum to the dedicated scholars in our libraries, Eva will help navigate your journey for lasting companionship.

Imagine strolling down the peaceful Tamsui river walk, laughing over a shared love for the sea, or enjoying a steamy cup of coffee from the famous StopBy Cafe on your first date. With, you get more than just casual meetups; you get experiences, stories, and romance. Because at NTOU, we believe that love, like the ocean, runs deep. Are you ready to dive in?