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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically for you, the dynamic students of the National University of Singapore. Say goodbye to hours of swiping and hello to Eva, our artificial intelligence-driven chatbot that will construct your dating profile based purely on a conversation. No more generic profiles, just a unique portrayal of you, developed through smart dialogue.

Remember those awkward bump-ins at the Central Library during exam season, hoping to find 'the one'? replaces chance encounters with surefire compatibility. Eva doesn’t just understand your preferences, she appreciates the nuances of NUS student life. Whether you love tranquil moments at the oasis that is the NUS Baba House, or lively debates at The Forum, she will match you with someone who truly cherishes the same experiences.

Looking for an ideal first date location? No more uncertainties, Eva is here. Given her understanding of NUS culture, she'll recommend meeting up for a cosy cup of coffee at the NUS local favourite, Waa Cow! Savor those java ritas as you engage in delightful conversations, laid back in the familiar comfort of your beloved campus. Embrace the future of dating with – where every match is made intelligently, considering the quintessential NUS student lifestyle.