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Welcome to, the innovative dating app designed exclusively for the lively and brilliant minds of National Yang-Ming University. Say goodbye to the tedious swiping and hello to Eva, our intelligent AI matchmaking chatbot. Imagine no longer needing to chance a library encounter or a meet-cute at Chu Yuan Cafeteria. Instead, let Eva take the lead!

Eva doesn't just skim over superficial preferences. She delves into a profound conversation with you, understanding your likes, dislikes, and what truly makes your heart flutter. Your profile becomes more than just a selection of your best selfies; it's a reflection of your personality.. crafted through a stimulating chat with Eva. No conventional questionnaire can match the depth of connection Eva can establish with you.

Whether you're a medical student steeped in research at our renowned labs, or an engineer often found brainstorming in our advanced technology center, enables potent connections among diverse corners of our campus. Maybe your match is someone right opposite Gui's Garden Café, waiting for a first meet over a cup of aromatic latté, or perhaps it's someone frequently visiting the Kuo Ping Bookstore, sharing your love for literature. With, and thanks to Eva, your future is just a conversation away!