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Welcome to, your innovative dating solution exclusively dedicated to the lively students of Niigata University. Say goodbye to random swipes and say hello to smart matchmaking. Using our revolutionary AI chatbot Eva, we offer a unique approach to dating, where profile building becomes as easy as having a conversation. Don't count on serendipity at Izumi Campus Library or catching eyes over coffee at Uchino Kōhi-ten to find your match - Eva's here to help!

Each interaction with Eva feels natural and engaging, as she learns more about you with every conversation. Get to know each other around the scenic West Coast Park or indulge in some late-night intellectual debates at the Ikarashi Campus – all safely from within our app before deciding your potential match. No pressure, no gimmicks, just a smarter way to connect with fellow students who share your interests, passions, and lifestyle!

Join us at and experience a fresh new take on dating at Niigata University. Bid farewell to the tedious swiping and unwarranted awkward encounters. Let Eva be your guide in finding the perfect match, while you focus on making the most out of your vibrant university life. The future of dating is here, with!