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Welcome to, the dedicated dating app specifically designed for us, the vibrant and hardworking students of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Say goodbye to the tedious swiping game, and hello to Eva, our cutting-edge AI chatbot, who crafts your profile dynamically through an engaging conversation. It's akin to making new friends at our favorite Hangaren Hot Shop but without the caffeine jitters.

With, you don’t have to gamble on chance encounters at the NTNU library. Not when our very own Trondheim's intelligent cupid, Eva, can deliver better matches right on your screen. She not only understands your preferences and quirks but is programmed with localized inputs, making her knowledge of the university rival even the best of us.

Enjoy the beauty of dating made simple and personalized with – don’t just study smart, date smarter. Matching connectivity with chemistry, we promise an experience that's uniquely NTNU. Leave the match-making to us and focus on what's really important - making lasting connections! Welcome to your new-age dating revolution, created here, at the heart of NTNU.