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Oakland University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the exclusive dating service provider for the vibrant scholar community at Oakland University. As students, we understand that your time is precious, between juggling academic responsibilities and dorm life. That’s where we come in! We take the hassle out of dating with our distinct AI feature, Eva. Say goodbye to the traditional swiping that absorbs all your spare time. Instead, allow Eva to build your profile through an engrossing matchmaking conversation.

If you’ve been dreaming of cozying up at the heartwarming "Oakland Coffee House", sharing anecdotes over steaming lattes with a fellow Golden Grizzly, then Eva is your go-to Cupid-bot. Imagine no more accidental library meet-ups, no need to stall over Academic Computing Center's keyboards, and definitely no awkward encounters in the long Elliot Tower queues. With dates.ai at your disposal, you can shift focus back to ace your studies while we curate those dream dates for you.

So, Oakland University students, bid farewell to conventional and ineffective dating methods. Open your heart to a smarter, more efficient, and personalized dating experience at dates.ai. Let Eva, your new AI wing-woman, set a path to your potential match. Our prime goal? To make your dating scenario at OU as smart and innovative as your academic experience.