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Oregon Health and Science University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app exclusively created for you, the students of Oregon Health and Science University. Remember those days of futile swiping or that last workaround, hoping to bump into your love interest at BICC Library? That's all history now. With Dates.ai, let our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, do the mental labor for you. After a friendly, insightful conversation with Eva, your profile is built, your preferences logged, no swiping needed.

Chat with Eva, share details about your last study group session, your favorite study spot in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building, or your go-to drink at Ava's Café. Rest assured, this isn't just code talking but a genuine understanding of your unique student life at OHSU. Through our intelligent algorithm, better matches are made, ensuring your free time is better spent having meaningful connections rather than hoping for it.

Here at Dates.ai, we understand the unique rhythm of life at OHSU and the importance of having someone who fits well with your busy student lifestyle. So, why wait for serendipity when your next great conversation could be just a chat with Eva away? Embrace the future of dating at OHSU with Dates.ai today and awaken the possibilities of your university experience.