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Welcome to, Osaka City University's new exclusive dating companion! Using our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, we’re changing the dating game for busy university students. Gone are the days of fruitlessly browsing profiles, swiping left or right, and the awkward in-person meetings in the library.

With Eva, you need not rely on chance encounters at the Dojo Coffee Shop or the obligatory small talk in the university library - we take the hassle out of finding connections that truly resonate. Let Eva learn about your preferences in a relaxed chat, almost as if you're chatting to your best friend, and she will use the insight she gathers to build your profile and make match recommendations that are exclusive to you.

Join today, and discover a smarter, seamless, and enjoyable way to connect with like-minded students at Osaka City University. Reap the benefits of university life with our AI-driven dating experience.