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At Osaka University, we know how hard it can be to find the perfect partner amidst demanding coursework and never-ending deadlines. That's why we've tailored specifically for you. Our innovative dating app, crafted with the busy schedule and unique flavor of the Osaka University community in mind, spares you the hassle of endless swiping.

Our AI matchmaking Chatbot, Eva, eliminates the guesswork in online dating for university students. Engage in a captivating conversation with Eva, and she'll masterfully construct your profile. Say goodbye to awkward library encounters and hello to smart, streamlined matchmaking. Whether you're at the Ishikawa Auditorium or grabbing a quick latte at Starbucks Engineering Bldg.2, love might just be a conversation away with Eva.

Why spend hours at the Suzugamine Women's College library hoping to bump into 'the one', when you can have a tailored matchmaking experience leveraging cutting edge AI technology? makes your romantic pursuits as accomplished as your academic feats at Osaka University. Experience today the art of AI-driven connections with - where brilliant minds meet loving hearts.