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Oxford Brookes University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, deliberately designed for discerning students of Oxford Brookes University. Forget aimlessly swiping and say hello to Eva, our top-notch AI matchmaking chatbot. Through a sophisticated and refined conversation, Eva will skilfully construct your profile, eliminating the tedious task of self-presentation.

Our matchmaking doesn't rely on the whimsical chances of bumping into someone in the Headington Library. Instead, it is meticulously based on mutual tastes, interests, and university life at Oxford Brookes. From the vibrant hustle of the Union Bar to the tranquil and contemplative surroundings of Harcourt Hill Campus, Eva uses these common locations and experiences to foster beautifully tailored matches.

No more awkward suggestions of a first date at Java & Co. Eva already knows that Oxford Brookes' beloved hotspot, The Rusty Bicycle, is a perfect location for that initial rendezvous. Take the curated, uncomplicated, and successful approach to dating with dates.ai - because Oxford Brookes University deserves nothing less.