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Welcome, Paris Dauphine University students, to a revolutionary dating experience! is designed specifically for you, allowing for an effortless shift from studying at the Bieber Library to a rendezvous at the University Café. Forget about accidental collisions between textbooks; with, your charming companion is only a chat away!

How do we make it possible? Meet Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot, who will take you on a riveting matchmaking journey right within the comfort of your dorm room. No need to set up an elaborate profile, answer obscure quiz questions or endlessly swipe! Have a simple chat with Eva, and she will create your profile, making it as unique and charismatic as you are.

Where you’ll end up for your date? Well, it could be at the hip Le Petit Café for a cappuccino and a croissant or at the tranquil Dauphine Pond - where your only interruption will be the occasional quack of a passing duck. is not just an app, it's your enroute to love and potential coffee dates, all with a touch of Parisian magic. Experience a whole new level of dating - only with!