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Welcome Paris Diderot University students to, the revolutionary dating app that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you find a match amongst your own peers. No more sifting through people who don't understand the late-night study shifts at the Grands Moulins Library or the allure of a café crème at Café Utopia between lectures.

With, all you have to do is chat with Eva, our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot. She asks questions, understands your preferences, and builds your profile for you. Say goodbye to the exhausting swiping culture. Eva thoughtfully recommends potential matches who are also Diderot students, eliminating the likelihood of awkward encounters in the corridors of Bachelard building.

Eva navigates the complexity of student dating, providing you not just matches, but opportunities to create meaningful connections. Try today, and let Eva guide you towards the possibility of unexpectedly running into 'that someone' at Place Jean Dausset, not just randomly, but thoughtfully planned by AI.