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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating platform, exclusively designed for the vibrant minds at Paris-Sorbonne University - Paris 4! Say goodbye to the age-old swipe game and step into the world of AI-driven matchmaking. Meet Eva, your own personal cupid, an AI-powered chatbot who will craft your profile after an intimate match-making conversation with you. Eva knows you better than you know yourself.

Imagine a whole new dating scene, reimagined for Sorbonne scholars. You don’t have to bank on a chance bump-in at the Faculty of Arts Library for a romantic rendezvous. We’ve done our homework on campus hangouts too. Fancy a first date over lattes at the renowned Shakespeare and Company Café, or a cozy afternoon stroll near the historic Cluny Museum? All these and more, tailored perfectly to UFR students – all thanks to Eva.

Taking the Paris-Sorbonne's rich academic and cultural heritage to heart, is designed to connect you with fellow scholars with similar interests, aspirations and course loads. Intelligent, convenient, and personal like no other dating app — because at, we believe that love, like knowledge, is more than skin-deep.