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Welcome to, the pinnacle of AI-driven matchmaking tailored for the poised and intelligent students of Peking University. Venture beyond the tedious swiping experience into a world where your ideal match is no longer left to random chance. Let Eva, our sophisticated AI chatbot, sketch your romantic narrative.

Relish the unique experience of having a matchmaking conversation with Eva. Understand the nuanced art of crafting an appealing social profile without dubious descriptions. With carefully articulated conversations, Eva identifies your preferences, hobbies, and the traits your heart yearns for in a partner. The chances of bumping into your perfect match in the crowded Weiming Hu library are tragically slim, but with Eva, every match is a potential 'The One'.

Perhaps the essence of campus life is in the bustling energy of the Botanic Garden or lingering romantic whispers in the ambiance of the local Yidi Coffee Shop. Eva intricately weaves your on-campus tales into an expressive profile to attract those who share your taste for romance, intellectual curiosity, and the shared experience of being a PKU student. Welcome to a seamless journey towards love with