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Welcome to, Princeton Tigers! Have you been tirelessly swiping left and right, hoping to stumble upon your perfect match in between classes? Or perhaps even trying to run into "the one" in the maze of Firestone Library? These tactics are a thing of the past, thanks to our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva.

We are transforming the way Princeton University students connect, date and find love. Say goodbye to time-consuming swipes and ambiguous profiles. Eva has been designed to understand you on a deeper level. After a comprehensive chat about your preferences and interests, she pieces together an incredibly accurate profile that keenly represents you. Think of it as a stimulating conversation at Small World Coffee, but instead, it's building your dating portfolio.

Our dating app is as proud and exclusive as the traditional archway walk when you graduate- hence, its services are exclusively designed and tailored for the Tigers. By utilizing the extensive power of AI in dating, you can focus more on acing your research papers and less on swiping. It's time to revolutionize your dating life with and let Eva find your perfect Ivy League match.