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Welcome to, the innovative dating app exclusively designed for the vibrant singles of Qatar University. Say goodbye to the endless swiping, with our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. She’ll get to know you through a deep and engaging conversation, then immediately start curating matches tailored for you. So, no more hoping for a chance encounter at the byzantine hallways of Ibn Khaldun Library.

Whether you're pouring over textbooks in the grandeur of central library or sipping a perfectly brewed latte at the popular Café Qaf, our smart AI Eva, will ensure you meet like-minded individuals effortlessly. Eva understands the unique rhythm of life at Qatar University and ensures your potential matches fit in seamlessly. Your first memorable date could be just a chat away!

Join today and uncover a world of possibilities within the sprawling campus and beyond. Whether you are an early bird at the majestic Research Complex, or a night owl at the iconic Al-Bairaq building, a meaningful connection awaits you. Let's make your university life even more exciting. creating extraordinary love stories at Qatar University.