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Queen’s University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, meticulously designed for the vibrant students of Queen's University, where we replace tedious swipes with engaging conversations. Using cutting-edge AI technology, we introduce Eva, your AI matchmaking chatbot, who takes the time to identify your unique preferences and desires through an enlightening conversation. Say goodbye to the age of swipes and impersonal conversations, and say hello to Eva.

Remember the days spent aimlessly hoping to stumble upon your potential ideal in the hushed corners of Douglas Library or waiting in line at the Common Ground coffee shop? With Dates.ai, you no longer need serendipity to dictate your love life. We take the guesswork out of your romantic ventures, focusing on crafting meaningful connections based on shared interests and compatibility factors rather than relying on chance encounters. Imagine the thrill of finding your ideal match who shares your love for the W.D Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections or your addiction to late-night coffee sessions at The Brew Pub.

Here at Dates.ai, we believe in a personalized and seamless dating experience. Let Eva, our AI-powered matchmaker, guide you in finding what you've been searching for right here at Queen's University. You'll no longer stumble upon love but instead, walk straight into your destiny. Sign up now and discover the new age of intelligent dating with Dates.ai!