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Queen’s University Belfast joins Dates.ai

Exploring the bridges of Belfast or sipping a coffee at Clements, the dating life at Queen's University Belfast just got a whole lot smarter with Dates.ai. Gone the tiresome swiping, here's presenting Eva - our AI-driven matchmaker. She gets you and your preferences like no other!

With a simple conversation with Eva, your profile is built and potential matches are determined. She’s smart, attentive and personalised just for you. Forget about accidentally on purpose bumping into someone in the McClay Library and counting on a blind fate, let our AI do the complex part of understanding what your heart desires.

Let Dates.ai turn your University life into an enriching experience filled with meaning, companionship, and a dash of adventure. Join us, talk to Eva, and be prepared to meet the Queen’s student who is just right for you. It all starts with a 'Hello Eva'!