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Welcome, UERJ scholars, to the future of dating –, specifically tailored for the one and only Rio De Janeiro State University community. We proudly introduce Eva, our cutting-edge AI matchmaker. No more aimlessly swiping, no more guessing games. Our intelligent bot learns from your conversations, molding a comprehensive profile as you chat and guarantees fitting matches with like-minded university students.

Forget about scanning the Maracanã library hoping to begin a romantic story amongst the bookshelves. With Eva, you skip the uncertainty. How so? After you share your likes and preferences, Eva will match you with someone who might also enjoy a soothing cup of coffee in the hidden gem of UERJ, the Cafeína. Or maybe you both enjoy sunset strolls around Quinta da Boa Vista for dates. It's time to reimagine university dating! is where university dating meets artificial intelligence. Whether you're a freshie lost in the labyrinth of Pavilhão Reitor João Lyra Filho or a final year student knowledgeable of all UERJ secrets, is here to expand your university experience, turning good moments into remarkable memories. Set yourself up for a brighter and more exciting university life with!