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Ready to experience the cutting-edge side of dating? Welcome to – RMIT University's trendsetter in the dating scene. Our app introduces a unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, that does all the swiping for you. No, we're not talking about swiping while queuing at Standing Room or Shogun's Samurais during lunch break. We mean swiping in search of that somebody who 'gets' you.

Our innovative app involves Eva in an insightful conversation with you to ensure she understands your preferences. This way, you won’t have to keep swiping or rely on chance encounters at the Swanston library. Eva crafts your profile meticulously after getting to know you, resulting in matches reflective of your desire. Say goodbye to incessantly checking your phone hoping for a match alert amidst your intense study sessions at the Building 80 study hubs. Let Eva handle it. was conceived with the vibrant RMIT University lifestyle in mind. We understand the exhilarating yet demanding life of an RMIT student: juggling between study group meetups at Pearson & Murphy's, coursework deadlines, Frances Burke pieces inspirations, and the craving to explore love and companionship. That’s why we are here to enrich your university experience with a sprinkle of romance in your tech-fueled lives. Join and meet your AI-assisted match today.