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Welcome to, the innovative dating app tailor-made for the busy students of Rochester Institute of Technology! Here, swiping is history. We've revitalized the way you build your dating profile, thanks to our sophisticated AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Just open up the app, have a chat and let Eva handle the rest.

Are you tired of the same old faces at Java Wally's? Looking for more than just a study buddy at Wallace Library? Dread the thought of yet another disappointing date at the RIT Inn? All it takes is a stimulating conversation with Eva, who will profile your interests, hobbies and preferences to match you with potential partners. No more guessing games or wasted opportunities.

With, love is no longer left to chance. Whether you're looking for a fresh face to explore Greater Rochester with, or someone to join you for a late night at The Commons, we've got you covered. Perfect matches are just a chat away!