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Welcome to, the perfect companion for all you life-savers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland! We understand that between your hectic schedules, clinical rotations, and endless study sessions at the Mercer Library, finding time for love can be next to impossible. But worry no more, our innovative dating app is here to revolutionise your love life!

There's no need to rely on bumping into that special someone in the corridors of RCSI, or hope to share a table during the late hours at the quaint, cosy Arthur's Quay Café. With, we take the guesswork out of your love life! We've developed an AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, "Eva" for you. Engage in a charming chat with Eva, and she'll build an impressively accurate profile of you, without the usual tedious swiping process!

Eva understands your university life like no other. Whether your favourite study corner is upstairs in the library or you'd rather spend your breaks at the St. Stephen's Green, she takes everything into account to find you that perfect match. So what are you waiting for, RCSI students? Your journey to a streamlined and fun dating experience starts with Let's go beyond those lecture halls and surgery rooms to learn more about the anatomy of love!