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Welcome to, an innovative dating platform specially curated for the dynamic student community at RWTH Aachen University! Our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, converses with you to understand your preferences and build your profile, eliminating the need for mindless swiping. Gone are the days of hoping to bump into someone between the bookshelves of Kármán Library. We're bringing more fun to the student dating scene!

At, we know your time is precious, and that's why Eva does all the groundwork. Sit back at Delicanto and enjoy your coffee while Eva matches you with potential partners based on your shared interests, course choices, or even your favourite local hangouts. Whether it's bonding over late-night study sessions, grabbing a bite at Mensa Academica, or enjoying a cozy evening in Pontstraße, we'll find your match for it.

Say goodbye to the guesswork and discover a more intelligent way of navigating your dating life at RWTH Aachen University. Join today, engage with Eva, and get ready to spark new connections with your fellow students. We're not just reinventing student dating, we're making it smarter!