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Introducing, the premiere dating service specifically designed for the appreciators of extraordinary, those defining the future at Saint Petersburg State University. No more anonymous swipes. Our tech-savvy cupid, Eva, uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to take the guesswork out of your love life. Indulge in a stimulating conversation with Eva, and she will absorb all your personality nuances, perfecting your dating profile, while you focus on making that breakthrough research or planning your next group study.

With Eva, you're no longer relying on whimsical fate to bump into that special someone by the captivating Neva River walks or the iconic Library of the Faculty of Philology. Let us address your longing for meaningful connections, with dates (not data crunches) matching the vibrancy of our renowned Dome Coffee Shop chats.

Give yourself the gift of love, specifically tailored for the bright minds illuminating our university corridors. Join today, and let Eva guide you on a romantic journey, as beautifully composed as our beloved symphonies, as profoundly calculated as the most complex codes. Escape your dating woes to the comforting rhythm of the Saint Petersburg State University lifestyle.