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Welcome to, the culmination of cutting-edge AI technology and the zest of dating hosted exclusively for the enthusiastic and bright minds of Saitama University. Frustrated for finding vivacious counterparts among the numerous heads in the sprawling grounds of the Gakuen Souko Library? puts an end to all your dating woes. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva is here to revolutionize your search for companionship.

Eva interacts with you in an engaging matchmaking conversation, prepared to understand your interests, passions, and what you're really seeking in your ideal partner. The days of mindless swiping are over. Instead, you get to build meaningful connections at places more exciting than the endless stacks of the Central Library. Imagine cozy conversations at the secretly famous Hang Out Cafe, taking leisurely strolls near Lake Urawa, or spiced latte dates at the hidden gem of Marufuku Coffee right here at the heart of Saitama campus. delivers more than just matches, it orchestrates unforgettable experiences.

Exclusively designed for Saitama University students, combines the efficiency of AI and the exhilaration of campus dating in a unique blend. Take your romantic aspirations beyond the classrooms, the canteen chatter, and create memorable, intelligent connections with just the right person. Trust Eva, be the torchbearer of AI-assisted dating, and transcend the ordinary. Unveil the extraordinary with