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Are you tired of endlessly swiping and looking for connection within the walls of Semmelweis University? We have something exciting for you! Introducing, an advanced dating app conceptualized specifically for our bright and bustling student body. Here, we use an AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, to help you find your perfect match based on a unique conversation. No more generic profiles and fruitless swipes!

Eva knows our Semmelweis community inside out - she's well-versed with the allure of the Frankó Garden for a romantic walk, the lively chat over a latte at ÉdesmindeM Pastry & Coffee, or the dreamy charm of the Knerd campus library. Whether you're a Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmaceutical Sciences student, Eva will guide you to dating opportunities that you'd otherwise miss in our busy campus life.

So why wait to bump into your special someone? Let Eva lead the way to your romantic journey at Semmelweis University. Get today and move beyond the swipe. New to matchmaking? Trust us, the same way you trust Dr. Ignác when it comes to medical knowledge - we’ve got you covered!