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Welcome to - the cutting-edge dating application exclusively designed for the vibrant community of Seoul National University. Say goodbye to endless swiping and let us introduce you to Eva, our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot. With Eva, you can paint an authentic dating profile based on genuine conversation, not just a hurried arrangement of pictures and catchy bios. Ditch the chance of bumping into someone at Kyujanggak Library, let Eva do the matchmaking for you.

Eva understands the intensity of schedules here at SNU. She knows you'd rather spend free time at Jahayeon or Ihwaryeong than browsing profiles. With her highly intelligent and intuitive conversations, she takes the stress out of finding potential dates and ensures that only those who match your interests, study routines, and even favorite study spots or cafés reach you. Wouldn't it be amazing to have your first date at our beloved Yeonsei Milan right here on campus? is your partner in your quest for love at Seoul National University, giving you the perfect balance of work, play, and romance in tight-knit university life. Let Eva simplify your dating life so you can focus on being the vibrant, ambitious SNU student you are meant to be. Join us today and uncover the future of dating with