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Welcome to, Shantou University’s premier dating app, tailor-made just for you! Our groundbreaking AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, rids you of the non-stop swiping and takes on the task of creating your profile. It starts with a friendly, casual conversation with Eva, who then uses this exchange to craft a profile most genuinely representing you. Say goodbye to the days of hoping a study session in the library leads to an encounter with the one.

At Shantou University, we understand your unique landscape: days filled with scholarly pursuits at Haijiao Campus, friendly competition at Moyin Stadium, and nights captivated by breathtaking sunsets over Time Coast. syncs with your dynamic university life by suggesting perfect spots like the ever-popular Yili Coffee Shop for that much-anticipated first date or the tranquil Lotus Lake for a serene evening stroll.

Join today, a trusted partner for Shantou University and its students. Let us revolutionize your dating life, connecting you with fellow students you might never bump into on campus or during late-night stacks. With our intelligent Eva by your side, your dating journey becomes an unforgettable adventure.