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Welcome to, a unique Sharif University of Technology exclusive dating service that takes dating from off campus and directly into your hands. No more daydreaming about what might happen if you bumped into that certain someone in the crowded corridors of the Central Library. We're here to make those dreams come true, while enabling you to focus on your academics, without the extra cognitive load of hunting for a partner.

At, we utilize the power of Eva, our smart AI chatbot with a knack for matchmaking. With her, you won't just be swiping faces; you'll be building meaningful profiles based on your conversations with her. She’s brilliant with algorithms and pretty good with human feelings too! After a deep conversation with Eva, she generates the perfect match for you, no swipes needed!

She knows you, she knows them, and she knows Sharif. Take your match to Café Ferdowsi for that first coffee date where our delectable local blend is just as strong as the all-nighter you pulled in the library last week. with Eva, let's make university life more colorful together, one match at a time.