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Welcome all Sheffield Hallam University students to, a game-changing dating app designed especially with you in mind! Gone are the days of swipe-centric dating, and say hello to Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot who knows the university and its student body like no other. Whether you're a part-time barista at Hallam's favourite Hideout Coffee shop or just cramming for your finals in Adsetts Library, Eva's here to help open brand-new romantic possibilities for you!

Through a single friendly chat conversation, Eva will get to know your preferences, interests, and even those unique quirks you carry as a Hallam student. She will then tirelessly work in the background to find you potential matches. Imagine this as an unintrusive, tailormade way to meet your peers beyond your usual lectures, group study sessions, or Collegiate Crescent jogs. The goal? To save you from the dreaded swiping fatigue, yet keeping you connected with the vibrant Hallam dating scene.

Our elegant fusion of AI and Sheffield Hallam spirit aims to transform how love stories begin at university. With's intelligent technology, you can end the serendipitous library encounters, engage in a meaningful quest for shared bonds over flat white coffees at your campus hangouts, and get ready for carefully curated dates only Sheffield Hallam hearts could understand. Why wait to bump into destiny when you can chat your way to a perfect match with