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Welcome to - designed exclusively for the vibrant community of Shinshu University! We know how challenging college dating can be, especially when your only strategy is hoping to bump into your potential partner at the bustling Sir George library or on your next caffeine run at the beloved Kizawa Cafe. That's why we developed, an innovative dating solution, to bring romance right to your fingertips.

Our proprietary AI, Eva, works tirelessly around the clock to find your ideal match. No need to swipe endlessly on vague profiles anymore. Instead, engage in a meaningful conversation with Eva, who intelligently learns your preferences – from your love for late-night discussions at Shinshu's Sakura Park, to your shared passion for the famed Suwa Takashima Castle visits. This 'conversation to connection' model not only improves your chances of finding the perfect date, but it also ensures an enjoyable, stress-free experience. offers a modern dating approach to the progressive students of Shinshu University. With us, your love life syncs harmoniously with your academic lifestyle. Take a shot at love and let Eva introduce you to the Shinshu-specific dating experience you've always wanted. Ready to meet your match, Shinshu students?