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Welcome to, specially tailored for the heart of Sichuan University! Gone are the days of lengthy profile filling and endless swiping. Our sophisticated AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, streamlines your dating experience. After an interactive and intelligent matchmaking conversation, Eva builds your profile, understand your desires and does all the work for you.

Imagine, no longer having to rely on accidental encounters at Xinglong Lake or bumping into someone at the Luxi River library. You might just find your match studying the same major as you at the College of Architecture and Environment! And instead of enduring the long lines at Chengdu's Bookworm coffee shop for a first date, you could find yourself exchanging profound theories over a cup of warm tea at our local Huangcheng Laoma.

Joining doesn't just mean getting into a relationship; it's about making the most out of your university life, meeting like-minded individuals, and fostering meaningful connections. So why wait? Let Eva guide you through your romantic journey at Sichuan University and find you a perfect match. Your ideal date is just a conversation away!