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Welcome to - Simon Fraser University's premier matchmaking service designed specifically for the ambitious SFU students in mind. Say goodbye to the skimmed bios and endless swipes through profiles. Our intelligent AI chatbot "Eva" gets to know you through an interactive conversation, customizing your profile to elegantly deliver matches that share your passion, interests, and intellectual pursuits.

Remember the soft tinkling chatter at Renaissance Coffee last finals seasons, and thought of a like-minded companion to discuss Foucault's theories? Or, have you ever daydreamed about not just bumping into stacks in WAC Bennett library, but also into someone who shares your love for embedded systems or post-modern literature? Our precision-based technology brings your fantasy into reality - without you having to leave the comfort of your dorm room., as integral to SFU student culture as the Burnaby Mountain mist, is your new route to intelligent dating. We help you find a partner who can keep up with your discussions, share your sleepless exam nights, and celebrate those exhilarating A+ moments. Take a leap from SFU's Terry Fox statues to intelligent dates with Your perfect match is only a conversation away.