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Welcome to, your revolutionary dating app, specifically crafted for you, the distinguished students at Sogang University. No more waiting for serendipity in Willy's Library or hoping to cross paths with your soulmate under the Gingko trees; is ready to step-up your love life with precision and innovation.

Our smart-chatbot, Eva, will take the lead in your voyage through love. With an introductory matchmaking conversation with Eva, we build a profile as unique as you are. Chat about your favorite Late-Night Study Haven or your opinion on the best coffee at Dotori Cafe, and marvel as Eva absorbs your distinct taste and preferences to find you your perfect match. With, you say goodbye to fatiguing swiping games. Let Eva do the hard work.

Eva, armed with AI-powered matchmaking prowess, will seamlessly guide you on this exciting journey. Whether you're from the School of Humanities or the Department of Mathematics, is here to empower your romantic aspirations with the brilliance of AI technology. With, find yourself immersed in an enchanting love tale, right here at Sogang University.