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Welcome to - your dedicated dating companion made uniquely for you, the bright minds at Soochow University! Swipes are so passé! Why gamble with destiny at the bustling Starbucks on Shizi Street or pray for a chance encounter at the Soochow University library, when you have Eva, our ingenious AI matchmaking Chatbot to pave your path to an enriched love life?

Eva is more than just an AI. Through a stimulating conversation with you, she accomplishes what countless swipes can't—truly understanding you. Using her AI prowess to constantly learn and adapt, Eva crafts a compelling profile that brilliantly showcases your eloquence, charm, and wit. Safeguarding the Soochow spirit, Eva incorporates your passions, academic pursuits, and hobbies to match you with a suitor that's perfectly attuned to your personal rhythm.

Don’t leave your love life up to chance. Mingle at the Moonlight Garden or stroll around the Dongwu Cultural Park. is dedicated to sparking meaningful connections that resonate with Soochow’s students, coupling advanced AI technology with a heart for romance. Let Eva transform your dating journey. Dive into the future of dating, and explore an experience as rich and vibrant as your university life.