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Welcome to, your trusted partner in finding the perfect match amongst the studious crowd at South China University of Technology. We understand your late-night study sessions at the Liwu Library or the random encounters at the Haiyuan Cafeteria might not be the ideal setting for romance to bloom - this is where we come in!

Utilising the advanced AI matchmaking chatbot named Eva, we take the randomness out of dating. Eva, designed with a deep understanding of your university life in South China University of Technology, converses with you in a friendly chat that doesn't feel like a questionnaire. This intimate conversation allows Eva to build your profile and match you with someone who shares your passion for quantum physics or your love for those special moon cakes from the Campus Supermarket.

No need to resort to the old school swiping game. Here at, we provide a smart, convenient, and personalized dating experience right at your fingertips. You can now focus on your academic pursuits and leave your romantic endeavors in our capable hands. An instance of serendipity is just one conversation away - with Eva.