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Welcome to, the exclusive dating service for the Southern Cross University community. Gone are the days of hoping for serendipity in the bustling Baxter Library or the crowded Campus cafe. Instead, we introduce you to Eva, your intelligent matchmaking companion. Eva isn't just a chatbot; she's a conversation wizard who crafts your unique profile through engaging dialogue. No more tedious swipes or superficial pick-up lines, Eva turns your dating journey into an exciting conversation.

Fancy a first date at The Patch? Or perhaps a romantic stroll at Lismore Rainforest Botanic Gardens? Eva utilizes her local knowledge to suggest the ideal date spots around our beloved campus. She won't just pair you up abstractly but will consider common interests, academic focuses, and shared affiliations within Southern Cross University. Whether you're a science student seeking cerebral conversation or an arts scholar eager for philosophical debate, Eva tailors matches specifically to your preferences. is redefining university dating for Southern Cross students, offering an AI-driven service that gives you back control, saves you time, and keeps the focus on what truly matters – genuine connections. Seize the opportunity to meet the ones that truly resonate with you. Start your journey today and let Eva guide you to your ideal match!