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Break away from monotonous study sessions and dissertations at Southern Federal University. introduces Eva - your personal AI matchmaker. No longer stalk the crowded Kofe-Khaus on Bolshaya Sadovaya street or trust coincidental encounters in the silence of our beloved Library No 1. Embark on an exhilarating journey of romance with Eva, who knows everything about you, from your favorite classes to your secret crushes. All it takes is just a friendly conversation; say goodbye to incessant swiping and outdated profiles.

Ready to explore the heart-throbbing sites of Rostov-on-Don with an intriguing company? aptly taps into Southern Federal University's vibrant student life, connecting you with like-minded mates. Our brilliant AI matchmaker, Eva, builds your profile based on a casual chat, capturing your essence in ways a simple swipe could never do. Picture discussing your shared love for Neoclassicism as you stroll hand-in-hand along Pushkinskaya Street on your first date.

Embrace the comfort and convenience of graduate dating at Southern Federal University with Let Eva be your automated cupid as she learns your preferences and sets you up with not just a date, but a potential soulmate. Imagine spontaneous study dates at Coffee Pi, romantic strolls by the Don river, or sharing a thrilling game at SKA Rostov stadium, all made possible with Sign up and let Eva take the reigns of your love life.