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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively for Sultan Qaboos University students. Our innovative technology means no longer relying on serendipitous moments in our vast university library, or idle chats at the bustling Al Khoudh cafeterias for potential connections. Embrace the future of dating with

Powered by our AI matchmaking guru, Eva, we've revolutionized the traditional dating app paradigm. Say goodbye to endless swiping and unfulfilled expectations! Eva will engage you in a deep conversation to really understand your personality and preferences. It's like combining the charm of those intimate late-night conversations at your favorite coffee shop, The Majlis, with highly advanced AI technology.

Made specifically for Sultan Qaboos University students, understands the nuances of our community better than any other app out there. Whether it's your shared love for study weekend beach trips to Al Dimaniyat Islands or your mutual participation in the annual SQU Science Club fair, trust Eva to find you your perfect match in the heart of the Sultan Qaboos University life. Discover intelligent dating with today!