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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the dynamic student body of Suranaree University of Technology! Forget spending endless hours swiping, we're making finding your perfect match as easy as enjoying a Siamese White Iced coffee at the SUT Coffee shop. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence bot, Eva, engages you in an intuitive matchmaking conversation, crafting a comprehensive profile that reflects your individual personality and preferences.

Date nights shouldn't be left to chance encounters at the fully-packed King Mongkut's Library or awkward meet-cutes during the annual Tech Fest. With, you'll connect with fellow SUT students who share your interests and understand the rigors of your academic life. Eva intelligently identifies potential matches that align with your unique quirks and preferences at SUT, in a fun conversational approach that steers clear of dull quizzes and assessments.

From the tranquil paver blocks of the Green Heart campus to vivid Wall Art exhibitions, we understand SUT's charisma and so do our members. doesn’t just find you a date, but helps create connection - be it a study partner for the next Quantum Physics exam or a dance companion for the RoV Club party. Join, where Suranaree University's brilliance meets companionship!