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Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences joins Dates.ai

Welcome students of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to Dates.ai, your premier dating platform domain – tailor-made to make your journey from the Kafeterian's coffee queue to guaranteed romantic dinner at the Alnarp Manor less arbitrary. Forget about the hopes of bumping into that intriguing classmate amidst stacks at the spacious Alnarp library. With Dates.ai, potential matches are now at your fingertips.

Our ingenious AI, Eva, isn't your typical matchmaker. Eva is designed to understand you deeply, integrating with your busy campus life seamlessly. As you engage in a casual conversation with Eva, she builds your profile by understanding your preferences, interests, study schedule, and even your favourite spots around campus. With Eva at your service, you no longer need to swipe; she does the matchmaking for you. A romantic stroll through the stunning Alnarp Park? A casual study-date in Lomma library corner? Or, perhaps, a weekend brunch at Agora? Eva's got you covered.

Timely for those hectic exam weeks or for a unique adventure around our beautiful, verdant campus, Dates.ai is custom-built for you – SUAS' modern, savvy student. Join us to embark on a dating journey optimised by artificial intelligence, all while savouring the university experience you hold dear. Remember, with Dates.ai, serendipity is overrated because we've turned the unpredictable game of love into an exact science.