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Welcome to—Syracuse University's one-of-a-kind, student-centred dating service. Tired of waiting in line for your preferred brew at Freedom of Espresso and swiping through dating apps with no luck? Say goodbye to those bothersome profiles and hello to Eva, our Artificial Intelligence matchmaker primed to spice up your love life.

Eva does more than just swipe. She empathizes, understands, and personalizes each interaction, delivering the ultimate digital matchmaking experience. After an engaging conversation with Eva, your love profile is meticulously built to represent you authentically. Forget the tedious questionnaires; let Eva get to know you the authentic way.

No more hoping to bump into 'the one' between stacks in the Bird Library. From now, allow Eva to summon romance straight to the quad. So join us, fellow Oranges, let's explore the strength of AI in building meaningful connections and have your love life keeping pace with Syracuse University's technology streak.