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Tallinn University of Technology joins Dates.ai

Introducing Dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically to help our very own students at the Tallinn University of Technology find their perfect match. No more time wasted swiping through endless profiles or relying on the slim chance of bumping into "the one" at the Raamatukogu Library. Our innovative AI chatbot, Eva, will take care of your matchmaking journey, ensuring a meaningful dating experience.

Through an intelligent conversation with Eva, your preferences, interests, and personality traits are unravelled to create a unique dating profile, setting you up with compatible matches around the university. No more sifting through irrelevant profiles – get accurate matches based on a deeper understanding of yourself and your love interest.

Already sharing chemistry over algorithms and coffee at Reval Café? Whether you're from the School of Engineering, School of Business and Governance, or any other program within the university, Dates.ai is ready to facilitate your pursuit of love while navigating your academic journey at Tallinn University of Technology. Say goodbye to swipes and start connecting through conversations. Find your perfect match with Dates.ai today.