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Welcome to, the pioneering dating app specifically designed for the vibrant students of the Technical University of Berlin. Our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, transforms the way you connect with fellow students. Instead of the tedious task of swiping, get ready for an exciting conversation with Eva who expertly crafts your profile.

No need to rely on chance library meetings at the 'Universitätsbibliothek' or waiting in line at your favorite local spot 'Café Achteck' hoping to bump into someone. Our Eva intelligently guides you towards individuals who share the same interests and passion for technology as you do, thereby enhancing the probability for deeper, meaningful connections.

Start your digital dating journey with, and let us revolutionize your experience of finding love amongst the brilliant minds of the Technical University of Berlin. We promise you, it's much more than matchboarding algorithms. It's about AI understanding you, so you can understand others better.