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Welcome to, built specifically for you, the ambitious and brilliant students of the Technical University of Dortmund. Dive into a whole new exciting world of dating with our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. She's not just any bot, Eva learns about you through engaging conversations, building a robust profile that paints an accurate picture of who you really are. Your library mate no longer has to remain just an academic acquaintance and the familiar café 'espresso perfetto' could turn into your go-to spot for spontaneous first dates.

At, we bid goodbye to the antiquated swipe-left, swipe-right fatigue. No more relying on random meetups at the Emil-Figge-Bibliothek or the Canteen South. From engineering enthusiasts to computer science connoisseurs, Eva will find your common interests and passionately connect you to your potential match. Immerse yourself in genuine human connection, peppered with the unique character of the Technical University of Dortmund.

We aren't your everyday dating app. We are an AI driven matchmaker that understands your unique needs as a student. Save your time for focusing on studies and let us provide you with meaningful relationships. Whether you're interested in finding love, forging a deep friendship, or just hoping to meet someone who truly understands your love for theoretical physics, and Eva have your back.