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Welcome to, TUM's innovative dating experience. Tired of spending your precious study breaks swiping aimlessly in search for a partner who understands your educational pursuits?, your smart way to love, is on campus and ready to reframe your dating life. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the Techies of Technical University of Munich, our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, eliminates the need for endless snaps, swipes, and chats.

After a simple, affable conversation with Eva, your profile is built effortlessly. Eva doesn't just understand your academic strain; she is designed to dovetail with unique TUM student lifestyle, appreciating the tasty cups of Kaffeeküche’s freshly brewed coffee, the exhilarating beauty of Vorhoelzer Forum’s roof and the vibrant banter surrounding campus politics. Let Eva curate your romantic journey, giving you back your time to focus on your studies instead of swiping!

So, if you're tired of relying on serendipity to bump into your perfect match at the Straßhofer Library, let Eva and pave your path to love. Because here at the Technical University of Munich, we invest in pioneering technology, paving the path to love with a touch of AI sophistication. Step into a new world of dating, specifically engineered for you – the intellectual, the innovator, the Techie of TUM.