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Tianjin University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the one-of-a-kind dating experience exclusively designed for the vibrant community at Tianjin University. Our groundbreaking AI-powered chatbot, Eva, is here to redefine how you discover potential matches. Gone are the days when you relied on chance encounters in the library or the crowded corridors of Tianjin University - we're about to change the game.

After a friendly conversation with Eva, our AI tailors a profile that truly reflects you. No more guessing games or endless swipes. Immerse yourself in matchmaking reimagined, where technology meets compatibility. How does grabbing a cozy coffee in your beloved local shop, Duo Duo Coffee, for your first date sound? That's the kind of precision Eva brings to the table.

Join Dates.ai today, and find more than just fellow students; find companionship, find love. Whether you're an engineering whiz from He Ping or the creative soul of Pei Yang, Eva is ready to rewrite your Tianjin University love story. Let's embark on this journey together, because at Dates.ai, your perfect match is just a conversation away.